Friday, July 11, 2008

Big Week in Tangipahoa

The state legislative auditor is finishing an investigation at Independence town hall focusing on the former fire chief and of course former mayor Phillip Domiano. Their findings are already enough for a report to be turned over to the state Attorney General as well as the DA;We'll see.

Where have all the Sherman Mack signs gone? During this week of qualifying the candidate's big signs along highway 51 vanished ( with one exception in Natalbany). Strange. At one house in Independencce the big sign was removed but 2 yard signs remain. For whatever reason a drive up highway 51 is now a blue cavalcade of unanswered Perrilloux signs.

Can anyone here on the world-wide web name another tourist commission that took motel taxes to build an expensive ball field? I think not, but that is what the Tangipahoa parish tourist commission is doing.